Back in the earlier days of the Internet, a guy by the name of Steve Schow started a discussion list for users of the DigiTech GSP2101 preamp/processor.  I got involved in the list pretty heavily, as did dozens of guitarists who were fans of the "Swiss Army Knife box" that we all knew and loved. The collaboration on the list was simply amazing.  A few of the members even got together to develop something called SAP (S-Disc ASCII Protocol), a meta-language for sharing sounds.  Patches and algorithms could be specified in SAP, and a software application could dump the sounds back and forth from a drive to the processor.  Very cool stuff.

Along the way, I took some of the patches I had written and shared them on the list.  Below is a folder where you can get the most interesting of these patches.

Yes, the GSP2101 is ancient history as far as guitar effects processors are concerned.  Yes, I still do use mine frequently.  The 2101 has a certain elegance and flexibility to it that other processors simply don't have.  So I'll raise my glass to you if you're still using yours like I use mine.