Business Idea of the Day

Yesterday, I saw a segment in my hotel room on Headline News about what happens to the junk the TSA confiscates from flyers.  In several northeast airports, the stuff is shipped to a location in PA, where the junk is catalogued and sold to businesses.  That which doesn't sell at a sort of retail outlet is sold on eBay.  States generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales of your nail clippers, scissors, pocketknives, lighters and other stuff deemed inappropriate for carry-on luggage. It made me think of my jaunt out to iMedia and the security checkpoint at Islip MacArthur Airport.  The security was really tight and a lot of folks were losing personal items.  Folks with liquids needed a Ziploc bag or they were forced to abandon the items.

What if someone opened a franchise business with little rolling carts that could set up next to airport security?  The carts could provide a couple services...  First, they could sell Ziploc bags.  They could also offer shipping of personal items via overnight FedEx or something.

I have some friends that have had to surrender items they'd rather not give up, including heirloom pocketknives and such.  I think quite a few of them, if they had an option, would step out of line and ship forbidden items back to their home or to their destination.