Batman Factor Increasing

During the cold months, I wear a heavy jacket that looks like something Gunga Dan might have worn as a winter coat.  It's got pockets all over the place, which leaves plenty of room for mobile devices.  Problem is, when the spring and summer roll around, I haven't the faintest idea where to put all my gadgets, since they all won't fit into my pants pockets.  Makes me wonder what I'll do after April - perhaps a man purse.Anyway, here's what I tend to carry around on my person these days:

  • 60GB iPod Video
  • Blackberry 8700
  • Sony T10 digital camera
  • Olympus digital voice recorder
  • Sony PSP

I've tried to do without these devices, but it's better to have easy access to them than to leave them at home or at the office.  My iPod has so many great uses, from bringing me podcasts to listen to on the train and plane to giving me access to my entire music collection whenever I want it to deflecting the unwanted grandkid stories coming from the woman sitting next to me on public transportation.  The Blackberry is irreplaceable - no other good way to keep up with office e-mail when I'm commuting.  I keep the camera and voice recorder with me to record thoughts and things that happen around me for later posting here and elsewhere.  And the PSP is, well, a PSP.  (I recently acquired the Corvette in Need For Speed: Underground Rivals.)

I'd keep the Batman Factor down, but I pretty much need everything in my utility belt.