Do I Want a Chicken Sandwich? Nah...


I'm getting mixed reviews on my latest Online Spin. On the Spin Board, there seems to be this sense that any buzz generated by a viral marketing piece is good buzz. I'm sorry, but I can't agree. There's good buzz and there's bad buzz. Good buzz happens when you support the brand with your messaging and score a hit with your target. Bad buzz happens when you associate your brand with something less than desirable. Like, for instance, porn webcams.

Let the "style over substance" folks continue to believe that web traffic should be the main criterion by which these types of things should be judged. That means more work for the rest of us when agencies that push this kind of stuff get shitcanned by their clients for failing to protect the client's brand. They can protest that they generated 20 kajillion hits as the client has security escort them out the door.