We're In

Well, Lauren and I are in the new house. So much to do and so little time. Thankfully, lots of folks have dropped by to give us a hand, including our parents, siblings and friends. My office is set up with the bare bones - a desk (a gift from Rob), my laptop and my old desktop, and some shelves. I'm right in the middle of getting all the sound equipment I own set up in the basement. One challenge will be to string a CAT6 cable down from the router (which is in my office on the second floor) to the basement where my Mac Mini will reside. (I tried to bribe the cable guy to do it yesterday, but no dice.)

Lots of sanding, priming and painting ahead, and I see that upon closer inspection, the bathrooms need to be redone in here, particularly the floors. Most of my friends who are homeowners tell me that it's never quite "done." I guess this will be my ongoing project for at least the next several years. In the short term, I've got a bunch of rooms to paint, a broken window (!) to fix, a pool cover that needs rainwater pumped off it pronto, and light fixtures to be installed.

Needless to say, blogging will be light until the New Year.