This Is What I'm Talking About

No sooner do I post about all the undeserved crap Apple takes on a daily basis than Joe Jaffe posts "Instant Hype, just add 'i'" on his blog.  This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about - painting Apple fans with a wide brush and implying they're a bunch of mindless sheep who will buy anything Apple puts out. Apple detractors who want to be dismissive of Apple fans in this manner should consider the contributions Apple has made to interface design, usability and reliability in addition to style before they render judgment.  Consider this:

  1. It's a fact.  PC's crash a lot.  They also require the occasional "fresh start."  Every year or so, my PC becomes so slow and unstable that it's necessary to back up my data, reformat drives, reinstall everything and start fresh.  Macs don't require this.  They just work.  Can you fault someone for being a fan of that?
  2. What MP3 player achieved the intuitiveness and ease of use that the iPod did, without following Apple's design lead?  None.  Every digital music device I've had has been more complicated to operate and less reliable than my iPod.
  3. I have yet to find a small form factor PC that can match what my Mac Mini can do.  Many small PCs have the same issues a regular size one does, plus problems with overheating and limited expandability.

You want to paint with a wide brush?  How about all those Wintel addicts who won't leave the mainstream, even when presented with a superior machine that can do everything their PCs do and more.