Before I Leave

I'm hoping that in the next 1.5 hours or so I can set up a NAS server. Before my Dad moved down to Florida, he gave me his reasonably-new Compaq, which I wiped and turned into a Linux box.  After I moved to Holbrook, the machine sat in my garage in Wading River, since I didn't have room for it.  Now that we're in Holtsville, I can throw it under my desk.  Since we're in need of some network storage, I decided to look into FreeNAS, an open-source project.

I created a boot CD from the ISO image I just downloaded, and the Compaq is chugging on it.  I'm hoping that I can get this thing running before my cab shows up at 11:45.  It would be nice to back up a lot of the music that I have on my various computers.  I'd also like to set up an FTP server so I can access my home files from the office.