Productive Weekend

Despite the weather, I got a lot done this weekend.  Friday night, the hail/ice/rain/snow stopped coming down at around 9 PM and I took the quad for a quick burn around the neighborhood.  That icy snow was so slippery, I had more trouble getting around than I've had with 10 inches of regular snow on the ground.  And there were still cars out!  I cut my ride short to about 15 minutes because there were plenty of idiots out in two wheel drive minivans and sports cars, and they were all sliding out of control into curbs, mailboxes, etc.  I went home after some guy in a minivan high-centered himself on a big snowdrift that had hardened into ice, and he had the nerve to give me a funny look as I rode by.  I wasn't the one lacking big knobby tires, after all... We got some new furniture this weekend, which meant playing musical furnishings with family members.  The old bedroom furniture is out, new furniture is in and I also picked up my old bed from Wading River when I went out there last night for Kim' birthday dinner.

I also managed to get Vista working on my notebook, and I figured out how to import all my old e-mail, which is what was holding me up from fully upgrading.  At least the "new" laptop is a lot faster now.  Just a couple more obscure apps to install and I'll be fully in business.