Things I Learned

Some things I learned on my honeymoon:

  1. Those things that look like pike hanging out near the reef are actually barracuda, and they're somewhat dangerous.
  2. Nothing saps the motivation of waitstaff quite like a policy against tipping.
  3. Martinique is nothing like my 7th grade French textbook described it.  It's more like Hell's Kitchen in New York City.
  4. Shopkeepers instantly know you're American, even if you greet them in French.
  5. Having waterskied twice nearly 15 years ago does not exempt one from a refresher course.
  6. Bananas are pretty much the same everywhere.
  7. Having dolphins follow your fishing boat is a bad thing, since they chase all the good game fish away.
  8. Puffer fish can attain sizes much bigger than you might see in a reef tank in your local pet store.  Much bigger.
  9. At night, frogs can make noises that sound almost exactly like the chirp of a car alarm being armed.
  10. Reapplying sunblock every few hours is a great idea when you're only 14 degrees off the equator.