Modding Borg Implants

jawbone_small.jpgEric scooped up two Cingular Jawbones last week for our Blackberries.  The headset has truly amazing technology built in, and when Eric calls the office from his mobile, I can't tell he's on a mobile phone.  His sounds crystal clear with no background noise.  Once, Eric called me from his car using the Jawbone, and with the Noise Shield technology, I couldn't tell he was driving with the windows down.  Amazing. With my Jawbone, I had a bit of a problem.  The earpieces that come with the unit didn't fit my ear well.  Then there's the notion of the annoying ear loop that holds it in place.  For the Jawbone's technology to work, the little sensor (white dot on the right-hand portion of the unit, in this picture) needs to be pressed against the user's cheek.  Here's the problem - the earloop is great at either holding the earpiece in one's ear or the sensor against one's cheek, but not both simultaneously, which is required for the unit to work properly. Eric read something on a message board about a potential solution, and he ordered packs of Jabra Ear Gels, which arrived earlier this week.  I took the stock earpiece and the stock earloop off and Krazy Glued the best-fitting Ear Gel to the Jawbone.  Note that this isn't the best way to do this.  Eric did a similar mod to his Jawbone, and he found that the stock piece of plastic on the stock earpiece can be removed and the Ear Gel can be stretched over it to fit the Jawbone, so that no glue is required.  But the Krazy Glue works just fine if you don't mind the Ear Gel being somewhat of a permanent fixture.

The Jawbone is now much more comfortable on my ear and it doesn't fall out.  The sensor is pressed to my cheek as it should be, and there's no annoying earloop to contend with. It's a much better unit this way.