The Spoons Experience's Handy Chart

Spoons has a chart posted to his weblog that compares the emerging Oil-For-Food scandal to the Enron and Martha Stewart scandals. I've got my own. Enjoy.

- - Enron Martha Stewart Oil For Food
The Villain Corporate raiders who deceived investors and deprived many of their life savings Self-centered, greedy woman who thought herself above insider trading rules Various foreign government officials, the UN, others TBD
The Victim Hard-working investors who believed Enron's bogus financials and outlook and thought it a good investment opportunity People of average means who play by the rules and don't have brokers that feed them insider information The Iraqi people who were supposed to be getting food and medicine, Anyone who has faith in the UN's ability to keep the interests of its officials from eclipsing those of the Iraqi people
Who gains when the scandal is reported? People who are sick and tired of corporate thieves stealing their investment capital People who are sick and tired of celebrities and other well-connected people thinking that the rules don't apply to them The Iraqi people, who should be compensated if the assertions made to date are actually true. The Bush administration, which wants the rest of the world to think the UN is corrupt and useless.
Who loses when the scandal is reported? Hopefully, the bastards who deceived investors Martha Stewart, scumbag brokers who trade on insider information The UN, various officials of foreign governments, anyone who profited illegally and unethically from the Oil For Food program (caveat: Let's see the evidence first and THEN make a judgment, thankyouverymuch)