Inch by Inch, Row by Row...

garden_small.jpgOne of the things I loved about growing up with an acre of land in the backyard was that we had a big vegetable garden.  When I was a young kid, my mom and dad used to send me out to the garden to pick tomatoes, corn, snap peas, squash and other veggies and bring them back to the house.  We used to grow some of the best tomatoes, IMHO, since our yard was on a former farm. Since I demolished the shed in Holtsville, I was kind of at a loss for what to put in the spot it used to occupy.  I ran out to Home Depot, got some top soil, fencing and seeds and decided to plant a small garden.  Lauren planted all the seeds and we've been watering it religiously for a couple weeks.  Already, we have some small squash plants, corn, radishes and peas coming up.  We also planted peppers and tomatoes on the right-hand side, but those are taking a bit longer to come up (you can only see the seedlings starting to poke through the soil and that's about it.)

Yeah, I know we planted late, and yes, I know some of these plants are way too close together, but we have some additional space to move plants when they start crowding one another, and it looks like the veggies are taking off.  Hopefully, we'll have something to harvest by the end of the summer.

We've been invaded by a rather annoying little rabbit who munched off the tops of our pea plants.  No biggie - I got some spray containing capsaicin from Home Depot, and I haven't seen the little bugger since.