Isn't It Telling?

Apparently, ad spending growth in the U.S. will not keep pace with the economy this year.  That is, unless you count the growth of emerging media platforms like, say, the Internet.  Isn't it telling that the old ad agency dinosaurs don't count the Internet among "official" advertising media?  How long before they're forced to, simply because without emerging media's growth numbers, the spiral toward impending doom will become so evident for the TV-centric agency community as to be painful? Here's an interesting quote:

"What's actually happening, I would argue, is advertisers are shifting their money out of media that we define as ad-supported media into marketing," said Wieser, adding, "And it's very difficult to measure that."

In other words, people with things to sell are spending their money developing markets for their products, in part through new technology.  And they're not spending their money shouting at people through the idiot boxes in their living rooms.  This comes as a surprise?