Making Progress

My best man Dan used to describe home ownership as a "never-ending series of projects."  Indeed, that's true.  There's so much to do, and so much on the list of stuff to do in the future that the list might as well be endless.  Add to that all my other tinkering projects and it just.  never.  ends. Over the past few weekends, we installed a hot tub, organized the garage and shed, removed a bunch of plantings, fixed the pool slide and a bunch of other things.  Yesterday, the quad got new nerf bars to replace the one I bent and we bought a new chain saw so we can start taking down trees in the back yard.  That's a next weekend project - I'm also trying to figure out how I'm going to get my truck into the back yard so I can yank stumps out.

All in all, there's too many projects and not enough time for people to come over for swimming and such.