Gene Siskel Is Alive and Well, Battling Oprah, Roeper and Mancow

This is just precious:

Gene Siskel is not dead. He is in stasis in a cryogenic chamber deep under city hall. Gene Siskel is the finest secret agent the world has ever seen, and he is needed again. The nefarious Oprah Winfrey, along with her cohorts Richard Roeper and Mancow, are planning to brainwash Chicago's Soccer Moms and take Daley Plaza by force. Once they have Chicago, the world is DOOMED!

This is actually a really funny show called "Siskel and Ebert Save Chicago," playing at the Factory Theater in Chicago. Among the cast is my bud Tucker and my other bud Abbie is stage managing. And get this... Roger Ebert showed up for opening night and gave it a thumbs up.

Of course, the Tribune and the Sun-Times have posted reviews, as well as a handful of other papers.

There's also a promo up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.