Chicken With No Head

Well, we moved the office from 20th Street to our new address - 163 West 23rd Street. The office itself looks great and will look a lot better once we put everything where it belongs and get rid of all the moving boxes.  Eric and I were here on Friday night very late (I left around midnight, Eric left around 2AM).  We had three guys here putting together the desks we ordered from Staples and it took them HOURS to finish.  Meanwhile, I put together one of those room divider bookcases from Staples and it took me - no joke - three hours.  If I see another cam screw or little wooden dowel, I'll wig out.

I still have a lot of tools here, and in between scrambles to get work done, we're screwing in towel bars in the bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen and moving file cabinets around.  Tuesday, I visited a client in NJ and hit the CostCo in Union, where I spent almost $900 on office supplies.  There was so much stuff, I could barely push the cart.

This morning, I got the coffee machine going.  I had bought a Bunn commercial coffee maker (the kind you find at delis and diners) at a garage sale for $3.  I figured those machines are bulletproof and they'll work forever.  So I cleaned it out thoroughly, and got some new carafes and a part for the machine at Bar Boy in Hampton Bays.  The thing looks like a 1960s relic, but it can make a pot of coffee in about 45 seconds, so I'm not complaining.

Internet service is still out here.  I spent the better part of yesterday dealing with Verizon and M5 and watching them blame one another for our lack of Internet and phone service.  Verizon did the T1 installation yesterday (5 days late) and it appears to be ready to go, but M5 claims its hands are tied until Verizon files something with them that says they installed the T1 and it's working to M5's specifications.  Whatever.

Putting Internet service aside, there's plenty to do here in between meetings, from hanging whiteboards to moving furniture to filing papers from the old office.  We'll have our hands full for a while.