New Feature: Spam Subject Line of the Day is proud to introduce a new feature - the Spam Subject Line of the Day. These days, I have about 8 e-mail boxes that are dumping into Outlook, and between all of these accounts, I get about 100 legit e-mails a day and 300-500 spams. Sure, there are hundreds of the usual "Buy C1@lis, V1@gra" and "Quit your job and make $5K/week on eBay" subject lines, but others are getting quite creative in illegally hawking their wares. Why let Cloudmark commit these works of art to my Deleted Items folder without any recognition whatsoever? When Spam subject lines go above and beyond, we will post them here.

Today's winner...

Subj:This guy told me I looked exactly like britney spears even her body and he couldn't believe I had a kid
Product: MILF Hunter, a porno site