Another Productive Weekend

Saturday was a bust with the weather and all, but Sunday was pretty productive. I still have my work cut out for me in the spring, with plenty of brickwork to do and some more trees and stumps to take out. But there are still some small things that can be done while we're still getting sunny days. I ran to Home Depot in the morning and picked up a bunch of 2x4s and some rafter hangers. I could have used a bud to help, but I did get to run some new rafters in the garage, and I put two 4x8 sheets of plywood up with a gap between them so I can put stuff up. All the space is already spoken for - I put my spare quad tires up, as well as the fake Christmas tree, some spare luggage and other crap taking up space on my garage floor.

I also nuked the bushes in the front of my house under the window. For some reason, flies were attracted to these strange holly bushes we had growing out front. I tied chains to them and yanked them out with my pickup truck.

With the rest of my spare time, I put a new spark plug in my quad and let it run for a while to charge the battery. I was going to change the oil, but I discovered that the gallon container of what I thought was engine oil was actually premix. I suspect that Craig might have my engine oil and I might have his premix for some reason. Maybe they got mixed up on the last quad trip.

If the weather remains warm, I might transplant an arborvitae from the front bed and put it next to the new fence in my side yard.