So much going on

This place has been a dead zone for a while. It's the end of the year insanity we all know and love so much. Clients need to get stuff wrapped up before the end of the year. I have multiple campaigns launching before the break. Then there's the notion of getting Underscore ready for the end of the year. Add to that all the traveling and all the stuff going on personally, and that equals no blogging. That said, I have a wishlist I wanted to post:

  1. I hope I have six inches of snow on the ground when I get home tonight. And I would like the cops to stay home so I can take a ride for an hour around my neighborhood and blow some donuts in front of my neighbor's house.
  2. I hope the FedEx guy leaves my package at home today instead of pulling the "we require a signature" thing.
  3. I hope the 10 or so status meetings I need to have before the weekend go smoothly
  4. I hope my wife learns to love the new paint color in the bathroom instead of making me repaint it.

That's all I ask. Too much?