Will Somebody Please Distribute This Film?

Disney is apparently blocking Miramax's ability to distribute Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 9/11. First of all, I believe that Disney is well within its rights to do so. However, I do agree with Michael Moore that this shouldn't be happening in a free society.

When media conglomerates are allowed to own too many channels of distribution, its too easy for corporate interests to rule the roost. What you end up getting is de facto censorship because these conglomerates are unwilling to jeopardize their relationships with the government. So essentially, the corporations are acting as an extension of the government.

However, I wish that Michael Moore would stop acting as if he has a legal right to have his film distributed. He should do two things: 1) Try to cut a deal with another distributor, and 2) Attack the system that allows conglomerates to own too big a slice of the media pie.