Sick of flagrant pageview whoring

I'm really starting to tire of feature articles that can be displayed on one web page taking up five instead (or worse, put into a "slideshow" format). It's flagrant pageview whoring. I mean, come on...Does's content strategy ever deviate from the following?

  1. Develop linkbait Top 10 list
  2. Write a page's worth of copy
  3. Pretty it up with inane images and spread it out over five pages
  4. Post to Digg
  5. Profit!

Of course, I have no objection whatsoever to making money, but not every piece of content on the web is suitable for a slideshow format that tries to turn a single pageview into 10. And there are a bunch of sites out there (I'm looking at you, CNN) that are either stretching content that ought not to be stretched, promoting slideshows in an over-the-top manner, or using every marginally-related link opportunity to drive people to streaming video.

Yes, I understand online publishing monetization strategy. The difference is, I understand it well enough to know when techniques designed to boost comScore/Nielsen numbers and to squeeze every last dime out of an audience are done to death.