Catching up on podcasts

A while back, I had a problem with my iPod. It's a long story. Suffice it to say that I corrected it, wiped iTunes clean and started over. So I lost all my podcast subscriptions. Old episodes remained on my iPod, but iTunes lost all my subscriptions. So basically, I had a bunch of old Across the Sounds, outdated ze franks and time warp Rocketbooms with Amanda Congdon. I started getting those old subscriptions back in order (one of those things you always mean to do, but forget). And then I started listening to some new things. Among them, DishyMix, which is Susan Bratton's show. Cool stuff - I subscribed, but then also downloaded some back episodes. Last night on the train, I listened to the Brad Berens episode and the Doug Weaver/Scot McLernon episode. Any there are many more I want to catch up on, including Joseph Carrabis, C.C. Chapman, John Durham and a lot more. This show is really fun - I've worked with Brad Berens for years now, and I don't think I knew he was also a comic book guy (which is something I need to talk to him about). Let's just say I think it's really cool that someone went out and put together a sort of "Behind the Marketer" type of show where we get to hear not only about how people in our industry make a living, but what they do when they get some downtime.

I'm also looking forward to catching up with what Jaffe has been doing. I like Joseph and what he does so much that I feel guilty about admitting that I've fallen off his subscription radar.