Nostalgic & Reaffirming Lunch

I just had lunch with Sean Bohan, a fellow K2 alumnus, social media rock star and all-around great guy. We spent a lot of time catching up and going over who is doing what post-K2. The best part of the lunch, though, was hearing about all the successes Sean has had getting GM and other big companies on board with social media and Conversational Marketing. I'm glad to see that he's done well with this and that such top-tier clients are relying on his advice. I know he's fought the good fight to keep clients on the straight and narrow. For me, just hanging out and talking about this was very therapeutic, because it affirmed for me that big companies are capable of engaging in conversation online in a sincere way. Sean's moving up to Boston in a few days. I'm hoping that once he gets settled up there, I can hang out with him when I'm visiting Boston-area clients.