C.W. Post Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Inductees Dad got inducted into the C.W. Post Athletic Hall of Fame on Friday night.  Here's a pic of all the inductees.

Spos Sr. made a great acceptance speech after being introduced by his tight end, John "Spider" Vittas.  Many of Dad's college friends were also there - Charlie O'Donnell, John "Bug Eyes" Luisi, Jack Sensale, Frank "Snake Face" Greco, Charlie Gradante (fresh off his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice) and Dave Cucciara - In fact, "The Boys" took out a nice congratulatory ad (Cover 4, no less) for him.

Mary Lou, Rob, Kim, my Uncle Joe, me and Lauren all attended from the family, too.  We had a great time and really want to congratulate Dad on his achievement!