Smart Car Spotted

Someone at the Ronkonkoma train station has a Smart Car.  Want.

I saw this parked at the station this morning and had no idea Smart had made it to the U.S. until I saw it.  Looks like Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown is the one importing them.

A stripped-down one runs $11,590 base price.  Tack on $5K if you want a convertible, which I would if I were to get one.

According to How Stuff Works, gas mileage is anywhere between 46.3 (city) and 68.9 (highway).  The train station is 3 miles from my home.  Let's call that 50 MPG just to make the math easy.  My truck gets 10 MPG.  Assuming gas costs $3.50 a gallon, I'd be saving $3.36/day on gas.  It sounds like it would be a lot, but it would take almost nine and a half years to pay for the base model Smart with fuel savings.

Still, a convertible would be fun.