64GB iPod Touch?

Apple, will you please get your crap together and release a 64GB iPod Touch?  I love the iPod Touch and it's really elegant, but I'm not downgrading a 60GB iPod video to a 32GB Touch.  It doesn't make sense.  I'll have to leave a lot of content off the device. And the 60GB iPod needs upgrading.  Trust me.  There was the incident with the cover art, where my iPod just "forgot" every piece of cover art I had stored on it.  (Strangely, the "Get Cover Art" command in iTunes replaced everything EXCEPT the cover art from the albums I had bought on iTunes.  So all my ripped albums had cover art, but none of the stuff I bought digitally.)

Then there's the constant wrangling with iTunes/iPod and Windows Vista.  Vista wants to erase it every time I plug it in.  It also wants to hold up whatever tells the iPod that it's okay to disconnect when it's done synching, so now that's become a guessing game.

A 64GB Touch would be just what the doctor ordered.  I have Amex points to spend.