New Camper

I was having a little problem with Hostway and couldn't  upload any images, so many of you haven't seen this one yet.  Lauren and I picked up our camper on Thursday night.  We got it from someone in Mastic who used it three times, so It's essentially brand new.

My trailer-towing skills are rusty, so it took a couple tries to get it angled into the driveway.  Since this photo was taken, we've put it on the side of the house - thankfully it all came back to me as I was lining it up with the edge of the garage.

We're looking at dates to coordinate trips with other friends who have trailers.  In the meantime, Lauren and I are having fun combing Wal-Mart and Target for cheap furnishings and stuff (six forks for $1!).  One night when I get home from work I have to install the electronic brake control in the cab of my truck so the trailer brakes will work correctly.  And then I really should get a weight-distributing hitch.  (And a generator.  And a case of biodegradable toilet paper.  And...)

I was joking with Madeline Rich from Lotame about wiring this thing for satellite Internet access.  She said she could help me with that and recommended someone to do it.  I think that if I ever pulled this off, this trailer would become our mobile headquarters and no one would ever see me in the 23rd Street office again this summer.  ;-)

We're really looking forward to heading out to some spots on Long Island.  Right now, Greenport's on the top of the list, but I would like to make it out to Roosevelt County Park in Montauk (pull your trailers right up on the beach, folks...)