Hyperlinked Society Book Now on Amazon

So, a while back I attended something called the Hyperlinked Society Conference at The Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  Lots of heavy-hitters were there - Martin Nisenholtz from the NY Times, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, David Weinberger, etc.  Basically, the conference was all about understanding how digital linking affects our society.  It was really interesting for me, because clearly I was there to represent the point of view of digital marketers and advertisers, but I was an Internet guy long before I was a marketing guy.  It felt strange to have to represent that point of view among a bunch of people who probably hate Internet ads.  Anyway, I digress... Some time later, Joe Turow, who chaired the conference, asked me to write a chapter for a book based on the content of the conference.  So I wrote something called "How Hyperlinks Ought to Change the Advertising Business" and it made it into the book (right after the chapter written by Martin Nisenholtz).

So, would all eight of my regular blog readers mind swinging by Amazon and ordering a copy?  Thanks.