Start of the Harvest

Last night, I realized what I'm going to have on my hands this year.  At some point, I'm going to have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.  Thankfully, family lives close and I'm sure they'll want to take some off my hands, especially with all the paranoia over the salmonella thing. When I got home last night, I plucked the first of the snap peas and the strawberries.  Looks like I'm going to have to watch the strawberries carefully, since they can rot on the ground.  I've been told to pluck them off a day or two after they turn red and let them fully ripen in the house.

The snap peas are delicious.  I can't wait for more of them to grow.  Thankfully, those plants are creeping all over the bamboo-stake-and-old-fishing-line lattice I set up for them.

We'll have some corn in the next couple days, too.  I see some cornsilk starting to wilt and turn brown, which means a few ears are probably ready.  I'm thinking maybe I should pluck a few of them on Thursday for dinner.

I think there's going to be a lot of zucchini, too.  I picked one over the weekend, sliced it up, splashed it with some soy sauce and grilled it up in a grill basket.  Delicious.

And I sliced up some fresh jalapeños for some nachos I made for the Man Party on Sunday.  People seemed to like them.  They taste different from what you might buy in the store.  Thankfully, the pepper plants are cranking them out left and right and we should have plenty throughout the summer.

One day, I'd like to have an acre of property with a big vegetable garden or maybe a greenhouse.  That would be cool.