Kate on the couch So here's your obligatory baby photo of the day - Kate sitting on the couch last night in her favorite pajamas.

I've been coming in to the office early and leaving by 5, which is the plan for a while until things settle down. It makes for an interesting morning when I come in, though. All through the evening and night hours people send me documents and meeting requests, and it leaves a lot to sort through in the morning when I get in.

Something weird must have happened yesterday. I scooped up a dozen or so new Twitter followers, and I usually get only one or two new ones a week. So, did somebody mention my Twitter ID in an article or a newsletter or something? I egosearched and found nothing. Ping me if you know something I don't.

I am quite tired, but it's nothing that can't be remedied by adding another couple scoops of Folger's to each coffee filter.

In fact, the coffee is getting the gears turning in my brain this morning. I've been thinking a lot about how in my younger days, I'd always have five or six irons in the fire. These days it's more like two. And I don't want to be accused of slowing down. There's a simple idea I have, though, that might be portable to several markets and lifestyle types. More later.