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Kate While you're enjoying the Kate Photo of the Day, we'd appreciate your lending your opinion on something.  Kate owns a Black Sabbath onesie.  I picked it up in Austin, TX when I was there for the iMedia Summit.  It rocks.

Curiously, I've never seen her in this outfit.  I've seen her in the pink dress that Eric and Margaret bought her at least twice.  But I've never seen her in the black onesie with the Black Sabbath logo on the front.  I'd like to.  If you'd like to see her in this outfit as well, please vote in the poll at the upper right.

Rock chick outfits are cool.  They say "We're not raising a cheesy daughter who listens to WALK-FM all the time and loves ABBA.  We're raising a really cool daughter who can name all the guitarists in Ozzy Osbourne's band in chronological order and likes the classics."