Taggers are Assholes

I want to get a picture of this.  It's blurry because on most days, my train whizzes by it at 60 MPH.

One of the things I love about the leg of my commute that runs through Nassau and Queens is that many of the old brick buildings still have advertisements painted on them.  You can see ads for department stores with the original phone numbers on them - JA6-XXXX if the store was in JAmaica, MA7-XXXX if the store was on the Miracle Mile in MAnhasset, etc.  It brings back memories, especially if the store no longer exists.

Federated Department stores phased out the Abraham & Strauss brand in the mid-90s.  But I could still see one of the store's ads painted on a building on my way into the city every day.  That is, I could have seen it up until recently, when some asshole tagger decided to mark up the ad, destroying a piece of history in the process.  That's what the blurry photo above depicts.

It makes me really angry when people fail to appreciate the history around them and deliberately destroy it.  I hope this jerk gets electrocuted on the train tracks like that tagger in "Beat Street."