New Product Idea


So I came up with this cool idea over the weekend. Every time my sister and I go to Target, we notice these cool patio fire pits that they sell for under $100. We were thinking of getting one for our patio out in Wading River and lighting it up for parties and barbecues and such. Which got me thinking...

What if I bought a six foot circle of stainless steel and pounded it into a giant wok? I could stick it over the fire pit and invite a couple dozen people over for a shrimp stir fry. What if I also built a metal stand to keep the wok centered over the fire pit? Maybe with an adjustable height thingy to keep the wok the appropriate distance from the fire? We could be the Weber of Chinese food.

Sara hates the idea. Then again, she hates all my cool product ideas. Screw it - I'll get Dennis the Welder to make me a prototype out on Long Island. We'll test it out and maybe if it works, we could sell a kit in Target that comes with the giant wok, fire pit stand, and a booklet of giant wok recipes. When consumers aren't using the wok for cooking food, they could fill it with ice and use it to stick beer in.

Then there's the line extension - the giant seafood steamer. I've only got one big steamer left and it's 20 years old at least. I can't find them in any stores anymore and it's a giant pain in the ass when we want to have big clambakes and such. Maybe I could make a big seafood steamer that would fit on the wok stand. We can test them in coastal markets. It would rock.