Ultimate Ears - Nice Warranty (Not)

So I purchase a set of Ultimate Ears triple.fis a while ago.  Since they're a rather expensive set of earbuds, I registered for my warranty, just in case anything ever happened to them. About a month ago, the cable cracked and shortly thereafter, the headphones stopped working.  So I called up their customer service on 2/23 and was informed that Ultimate Ears would be shipping out a new cable to me within two weeks.  This assurance was given to me after the person on the other end of the phone said it would be easier for Ultimate Ears to send me a new cable instead of having me send in the headphones.

Today, more than three weeks later, I called to get status on my warranty repair order.  Seems the cables are out of stock, and Ultimate Ears has no idea when they'll be getting more.  So I'll be stuck with a pair of non-working headphones until they decide to order some more cables.  Some guy named Dave on the other end of the phone told me he couldn't give me an idea of when I'd receive my new cable.  Nice warranty!

Dave was apologetic, but told me there was nothing he could do for me, other than to give me the number for Logitech's corporate headquarters: (510) 795-8500.  Apparently, the company has been taken over by Logitech, and Dave recommended I call corporate in order to "have [my] voice heard."

I recommend that if you're considering buying a pair of Ultimate Ears - don't.  They don't honor their warranties within an acceptable length of time.