This is probably the most misguided "ethnic outreach" site I've ever seen. What is McDonald's thinking? And what were they hoping to say with this website?

Here's what I got out of it...

  • Hi, we're McDonald's and we like people of Asian/Pacific Islander heritage.
  • Your culture is important to McDonald's, which is why we've included a section of this website that will show you what holidays you should be celebrating, whether you're Cambodian, Laotian or Japanese.
  • McDonald's really respects Asian people, which is why we're providing you with external links from our website to articles like "Top Asian American Professionals" and "The 20 Most Inspiring Asian Sports Stars in America."
  • We have Asian people working for us! Here are profiles of them.
  • Wanna browse meaningless McDonald's trivia? Haven't you always wanted to know what Ronald McDonald's shoe size is?

Perhaps the most profound statement this website makes is its raison d'etre. It's obvious McDonald's looks at Asian-Americans as a media audience against which it needs to beef up its ad presence. Which is why they built this exceptionally lame Asian "culture portal" and why no one will ever spend any significant length of time there.