UltimateEars Sent Me My Cable

So on Friday I received an email from Ultimate Ears telling me my cable shipped.  And sure enough, it was in the mail today.  I'm really glad this came, because now I have my wonderful-sounding headphones back. I'm still a bit frustrated that it took so long for a warranty repair, though.  And I'm also left wondering how long this cable will last before it, too, frays and eventually dies.  This cable fits, but it seems to be different from the one that frayed.  The insulator appears to be made from a different kind of plastic, and the miniplug connector is a thin, straight gold-plated connector rather than a 90-degree one.  I guess we'll see how long it lasts.

Thanks to UltimateEars for finally making this right.  I was really beginning to worry that their takeover by Logitech would mean I wouldn't be able to get these fixed under warranty.