Taking Down The Pool

Here's a vid Jimmy took of me flattening the pool in the back yard with a Bobcat

It took us most of the afternoon to squish the pool up into a little ball of aluminum, vinyl and dead leaves, then drag it out of the yard and chuck it in the dumpster.  We got rid of the old swingset in the yard, too.

I got the machine stuck, eventually.  I actually had to go on YouTube to check out a video on how to get a Bobcat unstuck in order to get it going again.  (Secret, plunge the bucket straight down and use the hydraulics to assist in backing out of the hole you're stuck in.)

We also tore up the yard a bit.  I need to spread out around 20 yards of topsoil in order to be in a place where I can even think about spreading grass seed.  That's a project for next weekend.