Guitars, Beer and More Guitars

Guitar_World Last night, I was invited over to the Fifth Avenue offices of Future US, where I got to hang out with some friends from Guitar World.  We were treated to a night of listening to terrific playing from some of the longtime contributors to the magazine.  With beer.

This was really cool for me, because I got to meet some of the guys whose bylines I had seen in the publication for years and see them play - Andy Aledort, Jimmy Brown and Paul Riario among them.  Editor in Chief Brad Tolinski was there, too.  It was doubly cool when these guys hung out with us after putting on a classic rock clinic that featured some great tunes from the Allman Bros, Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Guns N' Roses.  These guys are really passionate about their guitars and their playing.  Jimmy Brown in particular spent some time talking with me and some of the guys about vibrato technique, custom mods he made to his Gibson SG and tips for getting the most out of practice time.

It was a great time.  Thanks to everyone at Guitar World for making it happen and for inviting me.