iMedia Chesapeake

I want to thank Rick Parkhill and the rest of the crew over at iMedia for once again putting together a spectacular summit event. Rick was nice enough to invite me to the event, but Jim Meskauskas from our office was already attending. When I told Rick I didn't want to have both Jim and I out of the office for the entire summit, he was really cool about it and told me I could come down for the weekend opening and head back after the weekend, which was really nice of him. I even got to bring Sara.

The session I most wanted to attend was the Aspen Group meeting on Sunday, which was phenomenal - scores of media directors and high-level media people talking about industry issues, how to get past them and concentrating on helping to build the buyer-seller relationship. I learned a lot, especially about a couple industry initiatives that have not been well-publicized.

On top of that, I think I have about a dozen new Spin topics, thanks to the discussions I had over the weekend with many of the high-level media and sales folks in the industry.

Thanks to Rick, Scott, Jeanne, Jo, Alan, Mike and the rest of the iMedia crew.