The Snowcat Expedition - Now It Can Be Told

snocat.jpgAs Kevin Ryan intimated the day after our rescue, it was a hardship-filled day up on that mountain...

At the iMedia Summit in Beaver Creek, me and some other media execs took a trip up the mountain in two "Snow Cats." Actually, they were Hummers with track kits installed on them. Two 'cats went up the mountain, only one came back.

Unfortunately, I was in the yellow Snow Cat - the one that didn't come back. Our driver, making a tremendous sacrifice in the face of danger, went off the trail and into a ditch in an attempt to dodge some snowmobiles coming at us in the opposite direction. The ditch was cruel to us, bending one of our tracks up under the Hummer and rendering us unable to continue.

It was cold up on that mountain...The kind of cold that can drive a man insane. I tried to keep warm with the aid of a cigarette lighter and two tiny pieces of dried wood I found near the trail. Kevin Ryan and Gary Strauss decided that should we need to resort to cannibalism, I was to make the supreme sacrifice. (Why's it always Hespos?!?!)

Just then, as I was writing a letter to my parents, we were rescued by the red Snow Cat. No one needed treatment for hypothermia, but it's rumored that Gary Strauss lost a toe in the incident.