VH Is Back


I've heard the new Van Halen song "It's About Time" on the radio a couple times. It's due out on a new greatest hits collection coming out next month called Best of Both Worlds. The new song sounded a bit strange to me, but I'm starting to dig it. (I felt the same way when OU812 came out - it took a week or so for the new songs to grow on me.) In any case, the new song starts out with some very heavy guitar. Eddie detuned big time for this one (it sounds like he's tuned down close to D-flat on his low E string). The old fans are going to eat it up, while the new sound might attract some new ones - there's definitely an element of "the seven string sound" in there with Eddie detuning his guitar about as low as it can go.

I'm hoping that VH can bring about a return to guitar-centric rock in mainstream music today. There's so much manufactured crap out there right now that Eddie and the boys might have to save us from it like they saved us from disco in the '70s.