Over the weekend, I did a significant amount of cleaning at Hespos Central Command. (Yes, including clearing out the stack of dead pizza boxes in the corner.) Shopping for cleaning products, I decided to replenish my supply of those blue tablets you stick in your toilet tank to keep your bowl clean. "Why the blue stuff?" you might ask. Well, the short answer is that once the blue dye runs out, you know it's time to add another blue pill. But I digress...

After slipping one of the blue pills into the toilet tank, I did a test flush. Said blue pill drifted over in the tank and blocked the flapper, keeping it from closing. To avoid wasting water, I reached into the tank and moved it out of the way. Upon removing my hand from the tank, I realized that my hand had turned deep blue.

I scrubbed and scrubbed for a while, but succeeded only in making the skin on my hands raw. Upon returning to work on Monday, my hand still looked a bit blue and I was expecting my fellow Underscorites to comment that I must have a Smurf somewhere on my family tree. Another day or two before it completely wears off...Hopefully no one will notice.