'Caching in Cheesequake


Leslie and I took Sunday off to go geocaching in New Jersey. I fueled up the vette and met her at her place in Hoboken early on Sunday morning. After a brief stop at a Denny's in NJ ("Moons over My Hammy, please...") we went to Cheesequake State Park, where we found three caches and hiked for what seemed like forever. Along the way, we spotted some whitetail deer, swatted away many creepy crawlies and got plenty of exercise.

Our handheld GPS devices seemed to have quite a bit of trouble (more than usual) with getting a signal through the tree canopy. I don't remember this ever being much of a problem on prior trips, but it was definitely a problem in Cheesequake.

Anyway, we had a great time, and I need to do more 'caching so I can get my exercise and my nature kick taken care of in one fell swoop.