Weekend Highlights


Afternoon - Driving to Wading River and wondering just where the hell all this traffic came from.
Evening - Swimming, relaxing


Morning - Driving out to Briermere to buy a stack of really-expensive-but-worth-it pies.

Midday - Swimming, making 5 gallons of sangria with Sara for Dennis and Cami's party.
Afternoon/Evening - Dennis and Cami's party, featuring more food than anyone could eat, more beer than anyone could drink and a game of horseshoes. This was followed by a High Tech Redneck Theatre screening of "Pirates of the Caribbean." For those unfamilar with High Tech Redneck Theatre, it involves using your laptop and presentation projector to project a movie on a white sheet that's tacked to the side of your house.
Late Evening - The Wading River house was "overbooked" with guests, so I slept on an air mattress in a tent under the stars in my back yard.


Early morning - Swimming
Morning/early afternoon - Exercising our Constitutional rights to hurl clay frisbees in the air and blow them away with a shotgun (at the Calverton range). This was followed by exercising our Constitutional rights to hang up pictures of Osama Bin Laden and see who could score the most beard shots with a .22 at 50 yards.
Afternoon - More swimming. More drinking.
Evening - Taking Dennis' Jeep down to the beach, starting a nice little fire and watching the fireworks in two different states. (On the north shore, you can see the fireworks across the Sound in Connecticut.)


Morning - Recuperation

Afternoon - Visiting Border's to try to find copies of the South Beach diet book.

Evening - Thanking Rob profusely for calling me on my cell as I was heading back into the city, to remind me that I left my computer on the dining room table.

Late evening - Wondering where the weekend went.