Terminatrix To Be Resurrected

Our main server at Underscore, Terminatrix, took a header over the weekend, wreaking havoc on today's workflow. Seems the OS drive overheated and crapped out. We had installed a RAID controller and put all of our valuable data on the array, but the OS and all of the software and drivers were on a separate drive. Eric spent the better part of the day reinstalling a new drive, the OS, critical service packs and drivers. We're still not done. All of the application data we save on the server should be okay, it's just that we can't get to it until we can get the machine to boot with the RAID controller drivers intact.

Why call our server Terminatrix? All of our network devices are named after famous robots. By way of example, our color printer is named R2D2 and our B&W Laserjet is named C3PO.