I'm not saying I'll vote "No," but...

My daughter is enrolled in private kindergarten.  Whether we actually put her there in September or go with a half-day program remains to be seen.

What I'm exceptionally pissed at is hypocritical parents who ask me to vote yes on the budget at this point, claiming that a no vote "screws the kids."  That's easy to say, coming from a position where you just got everything you wanted including fully-funded sports teams.  I equate that to "We just screwed the kids.  Don't screw them further."

On one hand, voting no puts us in a position to see programs cut to unhealthy levels.  It will be a big deal to the kids.  Without a doubt it will impact them negatively.

On the other hand, I'm in a position where I've no longer got a dog in this hunt.  Perhaps voting no this time around will force the board and sports-focused parents to reassess their priorities and perhaps force the school district to unfuck itself for 2014-15 when my daughter goes into first grade.

In that way, a "yes" vote now sets a dangerous precedent.  It says "we're okay with this new process painting parents into corners and we're okay with how the priorities have been set."  But I'm not.  A "yes" vote kicks the can down the road and makes it easier for us to prioritize sports above academics in future budget votes.  Whether that means putting kindergarten on the chopping block again in future budget votes while keeping the precious sports programs intact remains to be seen.  It certainly makes it easier with a precedent.

So, here's where I am right now.  I'm not tolerating anyone telling me I'm selfish for voting my self-interest here.  At a minimum, the BOE and the football moms can shit bricks for a couple weeks while we fans of academics decide which way we're going to vote.  Shit bricks while we decide whether we should vote according to our interests or vote to pay twice for kindergarten while the kids run on the sports fields.  Shit bricks wondering whether your "stop being so selfish because you didn't get what you wanted" arguments are going to fly.  Shit bricks wondering whether we feel like we should continue to be held hostage like this.

I have no dog in this hunt anymore.  Neither do many of the parents who my wife saw at private kindergarten registration, putting their deposits down for the fall.  Think about what that means.  Then decide if you want to call our bluff or maybe re-think your priorities.