Killing the Tax Cap and Gap Elimination Adjustment

Yes, I'm serious.

Our costs are growing faster than we can raise taxes to make up the difference.  Albany has all the power, since they're making the decisions on state aid.  This is the new normal.

Last month, I saw this.  And it's an example of what the new normal looks like over time.  School districts will be making drastic cuts, but the State Regents will swoop in and save us when key elections approach.  It's an effort to make us forget our struggles on our way to the ballot box.

The re-establishment of local control is a noble goal.  Our kids can't be short-changed because Albany can't balance its budget.  And communities shouldn't be in the position that they have to beg in order to keep their school districts solvent.

Some neighbors and I have something cooking to address this, at a level that's bigger than just our local school district.  And we're looking for people who share the vision of returning control of school districts' destinies to communities.  If you're interested in getting the scoop, hit me up in comments.