Not getting a lot of riding time

quad resized.jpgFor those that know me well, you know that I like to ride my ATV in my spare time. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher to ride on Long Island, which is where I keep my ATV. I ride with a group of great guys, but lately, we've had to go out of New York State to ride. It is illegal to ride anywhere but on private property out there. So we've taken to making out-of-state trips when we want to ride. We've been to West Virginia, Maine and Pennsylvania on these riding trips and they've been great. However, we wish Long Island were a bit more ATV-friendly. Recently, a group called the Long Island Off Road Vehicle Association has been helping Suffolk County out with a proposal to set aside a parcel of land for ATV use. This is terrific and I urge you to support LIORV if you ride on Long Island.