The Internet Needs Bounty Hunters


Fifty-seven freaking "Casino Zeal" spams today. That's right, I said 57. Each one was from a different spoofed e-mail address.

This is why we need bounty hunters like Boba Fett that will hunt down spammers and annhiliate their mail servers with a well-placed backpack-launched rocket or a laser blast or something. This would be a great business idea. could offer a service where for a $1,000 fee (plus expenses), some crazy guy in a Boba Fett costume would hunt down the spammer of your choice and blow up his mail server with a rocket launcher. You'd get a free .MPG of the look on the spammer's face as Boba Fett saunters into his parents' garage and blasts the living shit out of his spam operation. Or maybe a movie of Boba Fett running up to his door, lighting a paper bag full of dog doo on his doorstep, ringing the doorbell and running away.

Okay, so I'm fantasizing. Can you blame me?