Weekend Highlights

Camped right on the beach this weekend in Montauk at Theodore Roosevelt County Park. What a nice time. Craig, Jen and Kayla let us stay in their new 31' camper, which they parked right next to Dennis and Cami's camper. We were literally right on the beach. Some highlights...

  • I caught some fish. On Sunday morning, Dennis, Craig and I were sitting in our beach chairs when we looked down the beach and saw the birds diving. So we threw the poles into Dennis' Jeep and took off down the beach. On my first cast, I got a hit right away, but the fish didn't seem to be fighting much. I reeled it in and it was a nice fluke - a keeper. Dunno how I caught him, since I was using a spoon and not anything a fluke would normally be interested in. Must have been luck. Within about 15 minutes I landed three nice size bluefish. We took the fish home and cooked fillets on the barbecue. The fluke turned out great. The bluefish wasn't all that great, though, but not bad.
  • Sara and I met the crew at the campground. We would have gotten the Corvette stuck on the beach, so we parked it up by the check in station and started carrying our bags down to the beach. We walked about a half mile down the access road to the beach - I was expecting to see a tiny campground with maybe 8 or 10 camping spots. We get down to the beach and look left and there are maybe 3 or 4 trailers there. Then we look to the right and see trailers all the way down the beach, as far as the eye could see. It reminded me of Cape Canaveral during the shuttle launches - nothing but campers for miles. Thankfully, Craig drove by in his truck within about 10 minutes and gave us a ride. Otherwise, we would have been walking down the beach with our stuff for miles.
  • Craig, Jen, Dennis and Cami sang Happy Birthday to me on Saturday night. They even got me a cake, which was delicious. As special bonus gifts, I got a Montauk fleece (size: XXXL) and a handmade card from Kayla.